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We are there
for you

The positive findings during
this time: despite standstill, things are
going on and distance creates closeness
because we communicate more with
each other.

Soul food

Security, feeling at home
or happiness - warm pudding
... just like when I was a kid.

Everything now also portionwise
available. Emotions to go.

Here comes the sun

Sunrise in the organic food chains.
Gelato Classico’s really creamy dairy ice cream has
always been prepared with fresh milk & cream.
Now with a fresh design as well.

Naturally (!) the vegan ice
pralines and popsicles
are also available with
the new look.

Brand fit

The smart protein range suits
Dextro Energy well and developing
the design was a good exercise
for our designers.

Colour me

The new WW - radically modern,
stylish & young. International design –
local implementation.

Love is like gold

Hard to find and hard to keep.
But once we‘ve lost our hearts, we give it all.
Emotion well packed - Select Gold
for our dearest friends.

The new delicacy
for in between.

Delicious treats
in five ingenious
savours and a tasty

Local hero

RhönSprudel, the mineral water
from the Rhön Biosphere Reserve:
natural, pure and clear -
now also in appearance!

There's no art
to it

Right. The preparation of the
delicious dessert specialities
is really easy. This can

Package design "on strategy"
is not an art either, but not quite
so simple. We can.

Making growth

The natural yoghurt from Bärenmarke:
so familiar, as if it had always existed.

The brand relaunch developed by us
enables the significant branding and
the unambiguous identification of all new
products at the POS.
In this way, the familiar promotes trust.

A strong line-up

Sun umbrella

Schöfferhofer wheat beer: now with a
branding that gets under your skin.

Dealing with the details.

There a many ways to improve a brand or
packaging performance – even in the daily
routine. Discover six of them.

Find out more

Pure matter of taste

It can be turned round as you like. Of course
it is a matter of taste firstly.
Simply delicious. And, secondly it is
a nice packaging design.

Finally a „one-shot-packaging“ again.
Alright, the board came in later.

You are
what you eat!

Cereal in the superlative: the new
SuperMüslis by Vitalis look great
and taste even better.
Isn‘t that super?

Rrrrrroasting straight
on the table ...

Vital marketing for Vitalis:
tasty, surprising, new.
Because the product ideas just keep
coming strong, we had to follow suit
with the design ...
Dr. Oetker Vitalis Roasted Müsli is
now available in one design, but four
different varieties.

Lefax intens

packaging design

Everything runs
smoothly with Skyr.

150 % engagement for Arla Kærgården
with 15 % Skyr.
A result to enjoy - the Nordic fresh appearance
creates an appetite for Smøre Brød.


Energy Kiss is the extra-energy at
the right time for a well balanced
energy management.
Peach or cherry - the taste of
the energy revolution.


A journey around the world.
A suitcase full of surprises.

Fresh harvest

Made from freshly-harvested
potatoes, we designed this strictly
limited „New Potatoes Edition“ for
CHIO Romania. Subtle notes of
fine herbs round out the fresh
potato flavour. The fresh packaging
design for this special edition
is just as fine as limited.

Mise en place

UHU rollafix and doublefix
now in France – despite being
invisible and transparent, they still
stand out in the market.

Saturday Night

Street food by CHIO for a
saturday night out.
With flavours like gyros,
pizza and cheeseburger,
CHIO Street food is the
fuel you need for a
fantastic night in the town.
But only in Romania!

Launch of Diamant
cane sugar in Poland

Whether it’s fine, coarse, dark, powdered or for gelling:
the main thing is it’s cane sugar.
And, where possible, in the obligatory cubes
and convenient portion packs too.

We interpreted this Polish desire in our design.


We created this country-specific brand identity
for Henkel Belgium.
The dual-chamber technology is visually
showcased through a combined swirl of the
two liquids.

Voor de gekleurde en witte was.

Vitalis 7-grain muesli
now also in Croatia

Dr. Oetker has now launched the popular
7-grain muesli by Vitalis in Croatia.
Unlike in Germany, where it is presented in a
carton with a window, here it appears in
a 700 g transparent bag with variety-
appropriate images.

We adapted the design of our German 7-grain
look for three varieties.

Intense moments
with friends

Intense flavour for intense moments with friends.
Only in Hungary. And Romania.

Oh Yeaahhh!

Snack Attack!

Netherlands only!


Liwo – the somewhat
different soft drink.

The clever refreshment
with isomaltulose:
the blood sugar
level doesn’t rise
as high and you
remain more

Brand Icon -
global design

Well-known for generations.
Wick Blau is an iconic German brand.

The challenge:
Preserve the character of the brand while
carefully translating into the global
WICK identity.

The result:
A product line with an internationally
recognizable and eye-catching design.

Takes off like a

Bonding at the push of a button -
it's that simple.
That hits the nerve of the customers,
which therefore made from a product
a highly successful product.

Liquid Energy

Full energy for everyday life,
at the push of a button,
from vitasprint.

Good design pays for itself.
Developed in 1996.

The Diebels crate has been doing its job for 18 years –
on the market since 1997 and still going strong.

An example from Brösske, Meyer & Ruf for ‘straight to the heart’.
A focus on the visual core of the brand.
As unique as possible and as functional as necessary.

Range relaunch
Novus tacker

A Brösske, Meyer & Ruf design for 21 devices
and staple products: solid and reliable, powerful
and durable. Novus hand-operated, battery-
operated, electric and pneumatic staplers are
now presented in an attractive and informative
packaging design at hardware stores.

Japanese Wokstar

Kikkoman woks Europe –
this wok sauce has been given a
makeover and is now ready to take
the stage in 12 countries.



New friends for the green-eared
The green-beaked parakeet,
the green-eared bear and Fred the
piglet are the new faces in the
Katjes portfolio, successfully adding
to the veggie range with no animal

A fresh design
for new bottles

A range relaunch with a clear design portrays completely
clean and hygienic bathroom settings.

The new sleeve packaging now provides the option of
displaying the biff logos and elements more spaciously
and clearly differentiated by colour.

biff and the bathroom is done!